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Can You Spare 10 Minutes a Day?

You’re probably reading this because you or someone you know is struggling with annoying, persistent knee pain.

There’s no shortage of information on the Internet. Just perform a simple search such as “exercises for knee pain” and you’ll see what I mean. Pages of content.

Maybe you’ve tried some of the things discovered in a search to address it. Things like knee sleeves, straps, massage, heat, cold, exercises yet the problem is still there.

There is something you can do that, in many cases, can be quite helpful in resolving at least some of the issues with persistent knee pain.

It’s just one exercise that when done properly can make remarkable improvements in how your knee feels and performs.

In fact, this exercise is prescribed thousands of times a day by physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers and even some physicians.


In almost every case, the “prescription” - how to do it, how much and how often - is incorrect which is why the exercise most often fails. 

And, with almost any exercise, you have to know how to “tweak” it, make small adjustments to improve its' effectiveness.

We solve those issues in our The Ten Minute Healthy Knee Starter Kit.

But before I explain the program, you need to know a little bit about why your knee hurts…or at least why for many people.

What's Happening in Your Knee?

Inside your knee, is a sac or ligament out capsule that holds a special type of fluid - synovial fluid.

This fluid normally has the consistency of egg whites. It’s somewhat thick, viscous and provides lubrication to your joint and also acts like a mini shock absorber to help diffuse force as it travels up your leg when your foot strikes the ground.

The synovial fluid though can become thinner, watery in nature from injury, disease and even just disuse. In a sense, it “atrophies” in a way that is similar to what happens when you don’t use your muscles. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “use it or lose it”? Well, there’s some truth to that when it comes to joint function and pain.

So, why not just start exercising? Wouldn’t that help the fluid?

This Is Where Things Tend to Fall Apart

Since the fluid is thinner, the forces that travel up your leg are transferred into the joint surface at a higher level. This in turn can cause the protective lining of your joint - the articular cartilage - to be overloaded, injured and over time it weakens as well.

This leads to symptoms - aching, stiffness, pain, weakness - with certain activities or even just routine daily life needs such as rising from a chair, going up and down stairs much less running and jumping.

In response to this weakness in the joint, your muscles - the quadriceps or thigh muscles - also get weaker. Sometimes you can even see that the muscle is smaller than, say, the other leg (if you happen to have knee pain in one leg but not the other).

Because the muscle weakness is so obvious, this is why most clinicians focus on strengthening the muscles thinking that stronger muscles would protect the joint.

Except that rarely works because as you try to strengthen the quadriceps it’s easy to overload the knee and the exercises fail to address a main problem - the thin, watery synovial fluid.

We know how to do this and it’s not just our opinion.

What to Do Instead

Science has revealed what you need to do to help improve the joint fluid which then, in turn, will help you strengthen the muscles as the joint becomes healthier.

But, with all of the info available for free - hundreds if not thousands of websites, videos, etc, why would you purchase The Ten Minute Healthy Knee Starter Kit?

In a nutshell, there’s a big difference between information and knowledge.

Information wants to be free and should be. But how you use the information is then up to you and requires a lot of trial and error.

You have to figure everything out. Sometimes that works but if it had worked for you, you wouldn’t be here.

What’s In The Ten Minute Healthy Knee Starter Kit?

The Ten Minute Healthy Knee Starter Kit helps you get started on an optimal recovery and rebuilding path for your knee. It’s not intended to solve all the issues that tend to come with knee pain but it is intended to help change how you feel and what you can do.

And, perhaps most importantly, give you an enhanced sense of control. One of the toughest things about joint pain is the feeling that you just have to live with it..maybe you’ve been told that.

We have helped thousands of clients over our careers and, as a result, have learned how to make small adjustments, how to make the process work better for each person. 

What we cover in the The Ten Minute Healthy Knee Starter Kit includes:

  1. A brief introduction to fundamental knee anatomy and why it matters to you
  2. Why knee fluid becomes less than ideal
  3. How to change the quality of your knee fluid based on scientific research and clinical application
  4. How to perform a simple exercise that will facilitate a healthier knee joint that requires no equipment, can be done at home and in only 10 minutes per day
  5. How to make adjustments to the exercise for optimal results and comfort
  6. The prescription needed for the exercise to work properly
  7. How to keep track of your work

And, tips on how to create habits that becomes part of your life which amplifies your success.

How to Get Started

For less than the cost of a tank of gas, you can access The Ten Minute Healthy Knee Starter Kit and get all the content. This is a one time registration fee and you can work with the material at your own pace.

You also have a no-risk guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied within 30 days of purchase for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund the purchase price.

Knees 101

Learn about how your knee is designed, the critical component of healthy knee fluid inside your knees and why most exercise programs fail to address this vital issue.


Learn a 5-step guidance to performing a simple, equipment-free exercise that improves knee fluid, reduces pain, stiffness, aching and improves day-to-day function.

Building Consistency

Discover over a dozen tips & tricks on how to successfully implement the recommendations, given your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?
People who have mild to moderate, annoying, persistent knee pain who are comfortable working independently
Is the cost a one time fee or a monthly charge?
The purchase price is a one time fee.
How long do I have access to the material?
Unlimited access to all the content within The Ten Minute Healthy Knee Starter Kit

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